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Sun Care Tips for Seniors

May 9, 2017 by Comfort Keepers

While the sun provides natural benefits, such as vitamin D, it can also cause skin issues such as melanoma. It is important for everyone to protect their skin from the sun, and even more so for seniors to protect themselves from the sun.

When the weather begins to warm up, your loved ones may want to spend some time outside. While being outdoors is encouraged among most health professionals, there are also some very important tips that your aging loved ones should follow before spending too much time in the sun unprotected.

  • Wear sunscreen: No matter how long your loved ones plan on being outside, they need to wear sunscreen. Wearing at least 30 SPF will help them reduce the risk of any skin conditions caused by the sun. And if they are outside all day, or getting wet, they need to apply a new layer of sunscreen at least every 2 hours.
  • Check medications: Some medications seniors take advise staying out of direct sunlight because medications can cause your skin to be more sensitive to the sun. Have your loved ones talk to their physician if they are unsure if they can be in the direct sunlight after taking their medications.
  • Shade: Even though it is advised that you wear sunscreen, finding shade – either through carrying an umbrella, wearing a hat, or sitting underneath a big tree – can help protect your loved ones skin from the sun. Shaded areas can also provide a cooler atmosphere to keep your loved ones from becoming overheated.
  • Hydration: With sunshine typically comes hot temperatures. If your loved ones plan on being in the hot sun they need to stay hydrated. The heat and sun can cause them to become dehydrated and possibly suffer from a heat stroke.
  • Lip balm: Although lip balm is normally associated with the winter months, when your lips get dry and chapped, it is also important to wear lip balm during the summer. The skin on our lips can also get sun burnt and wearing lip balm with SPF in it can reduce the risk of burns.

Comfort Keepers® of Cupertino

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