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Implementation of Technology in Caregiving

Jun 19, 2016 by Comfort Keepers

Comfort Keepers, a brand of utmost repute in the arena of senior home care industry, is serving the seniors for more than 18 years now. Comfort Keepers have been very active in introducing newer and out of the box creative techniques into their senior care services and methodologies.With the technological progress their efforts at improvement has become easier than before. Now, with the help of technology they are constantly inventing even more ingenuous ways to care for the elderly and to ensure safety, security and well-being.

Just recently we have come to acquire three of such innovations that have proven to be very crucial in bringing about immense progress and new benefits for the seniors and the families. With these technologies at hand Comfort Keepers now are more competent and capable in providing industry leading senior in-home care services. Still, we simply do not stop here!We will keep on striving for more improved and advanced processes to incorporate into our elder care services.

But for now have a glance at these three recent technological innovations that has enriched and embellished Comfort Keepers enormously: 

Family Room

One of the most painful thing that you have to encounter, if you have a senior in your family, is shifting them elsewhere from their own home. May be because you have to move to a different town for work and you want to take your parents with you or it may be so due to providing them with more advanced care in any care facility. Whatever may be the reason but we have observed that seniors in their declining years never feel comfortable in leaving their own home and never feel the amount of emotional peace and feeling of independence that they get living in there. 

But no more worries! To deal with this painful problem Comfort Keepers have incorporated a unique solution. With the help of technology we have developed an innovative web portal called Family Room for which your loved seniors will be able to get top quality care living in their own home and you too will be constantly connected with them 24/7 and 365. Thus with Family Room we solve the most tormenting trouble involved with elderly care once and for all!

Family room is a secured and well developed web platform that will associate you, your relatives, the caregivers and our office so that every one of us can cooperate for guaranteeing the best care to our cherished and regarded seniors. Through Family Room you can sign into your account at whatever time, from anyplace and any gadget to screen what is happening at home. You can always be in contact with the elderly and the Comfort Keepers to examine issues and share data. You can survey care logs, set timetable occasions, and watch out for the medicine plan. All these from a solitary stage right from your comfortable handhelds! Only with Comfort Keepers In-Home Care Services!


Caregivers are Comfort Keepers. Therefore, discovering the best guardians for the seniors is the top most need and the most essential requirement. A Comfort Keeper must be calm and gathered. They must be committed and enthusiastic. Most importantly they must be endowed with all the empathetic limits that the assignment of caregiving basically requires. Thus, discovering the best caregiver is not an easy task. So, in order to make the procedure of discovering, screening and selecting Comfort Keepers simple and viable we have built up a new advanced strategy named the CareGuard. 

To ensure that the trust is never broken and you keep on getting the perfect care humanly conceivable Comfort Keepers Home Health Care San Jose executes developments separated from a firm and intensive enrolling procedure and screening strategies. CareGuard is one of them. 

While selecting the Comfort Keepers for the interview we go through several resumes and call just the most fitting ones for the meeting. During the meeting and the screening procedure we search for respectability, empathy and unwavering quality in the candidates and do an intensive background verification on every one of them to discover the most dependable and skilled caregivers. 

Indeed, even this is not where we stop! After this thorough interviewing and screening processes we keep our caregivers under the supervision of CareGuard for a year! 

What CareGuard does during this period is monitoring the Comfort Keepers for the entire year and searching for any disparities or deviation from the primary message that we got from them while the initial meeting. Albeit once in a while happens, if any such issues are distinguished, we in a flash begin to deal with the issue through whatever methods conceivable. We give related advising, counselling and training designed specifically to meet up the requirements of the particular caregiver. Along these lines you continue getting the best quality senior care from our Comfort Keepers.

Home Safety Assessment 

One more of the three new technological entries is the inventive Home Safety Assessment strategy that has been created after careful exploration driven information and research. Home Safety Assessment is the key for keeping your property absolutely safe for the dearest seniors and to anticipate and prevent mishaps like sudden fall. 

Seniors over the age of 65 are significantly in danger of having sudden falls. Alongside it, if other physical hindrances like movement problems, eye sight issues, dizziness and heavy medication is included then the odds of having a fall even pairs. In this circumstance you simply can't comprehend what can prompt a hazardous mishap and the following spot you find yourself is in the ICU. You unquestionably don't want that to happen, isn't that right? 

What is even more hazardous is that the components or perils that may prompt such occurrences are extremely subtle. Indeed, even a minor fold of the carpet may effectively prompt a fall and cause harm. Along these lines, you must be extremely cautious about these issues. Our home security assessment specialists are prepared in discovering these potential dangers. Furthermore, they are outfitted with the Home Safety Assessment viewpoints, which have been produced after exhaustive examination on such occurrences and causes. 

After their audit is finished our home safety specialists from Comfort Keepers will investigate all the rooms and corners of your home and will send you a point by point report on the safety measures including the pictures of the threat components along with respective solutions that they have found. With this you will effectively have the capacity to take necessary measures to settle the issues. You may likewise take the assistance of our specialists in wiping out the risks that they have distinguished and make your home absolutely danger free for our dearest seniors.

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