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Senior Safety Compilation

Jun 30, 2016 by Comfort Keepers

Safety and security are the prime targets of every life here on earth. Everybody strives to ensure and maintain safety and security in their lives. However, at some vulnerable stages of life these concerns become even more significant and maintaining them becomes even tougher. The declining age of one’s life is surely one of such stages of life when ensuring safety and security becomes the top most priority for the seniors and everybody around them. Comfort Keepers In-Home Care Services San Jose caregivers are trained professionals with extensive experience in senior safety issues. 

Here we have made a compilation of senior safety and security issues for you to realize and to be aware of while providing senior care. This will be immensely helpful for anybody involved in providing elder care whether formal or informal.  

Medication Management

When you have a senior in your family the importance of medication management is paramount. According to American Pharmacist Association almost 40 percent of all the nursing home admission of seniors are due to non-adherence or mismanagement of prescribed medication. The problem is more acute in case of the seniors living independently or alone. So, you can easily understand how important it is to give proper attention to medication management for our beloved seniors.

In order to make a fail safe medication management procedure implement these easy to follow tips below into your process and never fall a victim to medication mismanagement in future.

Know The Drugs

The first thing that you have to do is to know each and every medicine you are taking. Know which one is for treating what ailment. In this way you will become familiar with the drugs and will never make any mistakes while taking them.

Use Medication Management Tools

Comfort Keepers San Jose Senior Care offers three tools for medications management purposes which are very effective for our seniors to manage their complex prescriptions and avoid any mistaken intake of drugs. Our offered tools are- Pill Dispenser, Tab Safe, MedMinder. 

Have a Dedicated Pharmacist

Reduce the number of pharmacists from whom you take your medicines. Make a list of all the regular drugs that you take. Always keep it with you and take it to the pharmacist whenever you go to buy your meds. This way the pharmacist too will grow a familiarity with you and the meds you take.

Try to Avoid Too Many Doctors

Consulting to many specialists and frequently changing doctors may often lead to unnecessary intake of medicines. So, always try to follow up with your regular specialist and keep the number of doctors you see to bare minimum. Having one or two regular specialists also allow them to better monitor your medication doses and efficacy.   

Fall Prevention

We remain in a constant fear of falls when we have a senior among us. It is very normal to feel so because sudden falls can prove to be very dangerous at times. The danger intensifies if the senior is having bone issues like brittle bones or something like that. In such cases a simple fall may end up taking you to the hospital bed. So, it is imperative for everybody engaged in senior care or everybody around our beloved seniors to be well aware of the ways to effectively prevent falls.

These are the most effective guidelines from Comfort Keepers Elder Care Services San Jose that you should follow to effectively prevent falls, if you have a senior at home. 

-   At first have a bone mineral test done on our beloved seniors. This will allow you to know whether any weakness of bones is involved and should you be extra conspicuous regarding falls or not. Besides, it will also detect whether any orthopedic treatment is required. 

-    Have a full home safety assessment done. Comfort Keepers provides expert fall prevention support through their professional Home Safety Assessment teams. Get your household scanned by them right away!

-    Most of the falls are reported to happen in washrooms. So, give more than average attention to your bathrooms’ safety details. Ensure that no-slip rugs and sandals are in place along with safety measures, like railings, are installed.  

-    Pay attention to the meds your loved senior is taking currently. Because some drugs are very much prone to causing dizziness and drowsiness and may easily result in a sudden fall. If such medication is in place be extra cautious. 

-    Make sure our loved seniors are having proper eye care. Visual impairments are one of the common causes of having sudden falls. You have to make sure that proper visual aid is in place if needed.  

Ensuring Proper Care

Another most important issue regarding senior safety and security is ensuring and maintaining best quality professional care for them. Often it happens that we end up making too much of a delay in getting professional senior care or depend too much on informal family care. However, Both of the cases can be detrimental for the well-being of a senior.

Taking care of a senior and ensuring the best possible outcome from a caregiving scenario is not a simple phenomenon. Untrained and inexperienced informal caregivers won’t be able to provide the best care that is necessary to sustain the fragile well-being of an elderly and to maintain a good healthy and happy family atmosphere. Besides, inexperience may lead to ignoring some important aspects of caregiving that may cause further harm to your beloved seniors. 

On the contrary expert professional caregivers from elder care services like Comfort Keepers in-home care services San Jose will be able to bring out the best out of a caregiving setup. They are aware of the intricacies involved with senior care, hence will be able to avert any potential harm that may be coming on the way beforehand. Besides, their experience arms them with the best techniques and strategies of providing best possible care and maintaining physical, mental and emotional well-being very effectively. 

Other Safety Issues

Apart from the major areas discussed above to focus in terms of ensuring total safety and security for our beloved seniors there are some minor, yet very useful tips and suggestions, that you should also know. 

Senior Driving Safety

Being a senior, if you are still driving, then you should be extra careful about driving safety. You should always know your limits and drive under optimum conditions. Should get your vision and hearing tested on a regular basis. And you should always maintain a healthy physical condition.

Medical Alert Systems

There are various types of alert systems that are currently available that monitors the overall health condition of the body. There are some wearables that can be worn as a wristwatch which constantly keeps track of blood pressure, heart rate, body temperature etc. Such devices can be very useful for the safety of our seniors with chronic conditions. 

Home Monitoring Systems

Apart from medical alert systems you should also consider installing devices for monitoring the overall safety of your home. Comfort Keepers Home Care Services San Jose offers various Home Monitoring Systems for ensuring a totally safe environment for the seniors at home. Our offered systems are - window and door alarms, bedside pressure mats and Motion Detectors, smoke and carbon monoxide detectors etc.

In conclusion, we would like to express our belief that this senior safety compilation will help you a lot in providing quality care to our respected seniors. Above all, whenever you are in need of any additional assistance in your vocation of providing personal care to your loved one just remember that Comfort Keepers Elder Care Services San Jose is always by your side; waiting for your call.

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