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How Important End of Life Care Really Is

Jul 17, 2016 by Comfort Keepers

End of Life. Death. We know it is coming but we don’t exactly know when it will come. 

For our young folks the thoughts of death is not much of a reality and for us adults too death does not seem to be too much of a pressing concern. But the sad thing is that for our loved seniors the situation is a bit different. They know that the hour is nearing. It is almost knocking at the door. 

Therefore, we from Comfort Keepers In Home Care Services provide a special care to our loved seniors named the End of Life Care. From the name itself it is quite clear what the service is about. But our present concern for this blog post is to discuss how important End of Life Care really is and how much value does it really add to the lives of our adored seniors and their families. 

Defining End of Life

We all know that knowing when we will die is not at all possible. So, how would we define the end of life period?

It is often seen that even when the doctors may say that an individual will not live more than a week, in reality he may keep on fighting with death for more than a year. And at times even after doctors’ saying that there aren’t any imminent danger the person may die within weeks. So, defining the exact time of death is near to impossible. 

However, we can safely say that when we reach the declining years of our lives we are facing the end of life period. 

The Impact of the Moment

There is no need to say more on how much painful it is for us when one of our loved ones are in their final days and we are in fear of their leaving us soon. The grief is uncontrollable yet so inevitable. This is universal. All of us have to face this universal pain quite a few times in our lives. But it’s being universal or inevitable in no way decreases its impact on us. 

Apart from being extremely painful for us, we can easily imagine how much tormenting it may be for our seniors themselves while facing the certainty of death. They may feel very distressed and depressed and may find it very difficult to cope with the accompanying shock. To some the fear of the unknown may set in and torment the psyche a lot. 

In such situations support and care, physically, emotionally and spiritually, from a compassionate caregiver who is experienced in operating through such critical moments of lives can render immense mental strength and emotional peace. This is the main objective of our End of Life care from Comfort Keepers Elder Care Services.

Preparing for the End of Life

In older times accidental sudden deaths due to various accidents, infections or untreatable diseases were much greater in number than it is now. Now with the advancement of civilization and medical science such deaths are very rare. So, now most of us die naturally after passing our lives and our declining years, hence we get the opportunity to prepare as much as possible for our end of life period. To make the most out of this noble opportunity there could be nothing better than our End of Life Care. 

Through our End of Life Care we take all the measures for ensuring the comfort of our loved ones last days. We cover both of the hospice and palliative care structures and combine them to produce the best effects. We ensure that our loved ones do not have to face any more pain in their last days and part us with as much happiness and liveliness as possible.  

Additional Care

Moreover, the End of Life Care comes with all the other added services of regular home health care or senior care services from our caregivers at the same time. Services like- bathing, dressing, and toileting assistance for your loved one, laundry, food preparation, companionship and so on are included within the service procedures. And the whole family gets a complimentary and soothing time to be at ease with their loved ones. 

Pain Management for the Whole Family

When we have a loved one among us who is facing the end period of their life it is very natural for many stinging questions to arise in our minds along with the pain and bafflement of the time. 

Questions like-

How much time do we really have with our loved one?

Is there any treatment to ease the pain they are feeling even more?

What will be the next phase?

What can we do to help our loved ones and ourselves to ease the pain?

What will be most comfortable for our loved ones?

All of these questions are soaked in heart tearing pain for our loved ones. Comfort Keepers want to be the answer for all of your such questions through the End of Life Care services. In this our service will be a sort of pain management course for the whole family. 

Finally, we can only say that we know we won’t be able to fight the inevitable but we can surely cooperate to soothe the pain away and to bond together better to rage against the dying of the light. 

So, whenever you are facing this inevitable truth of life and are on the verge of departing from a loved one, do not hesitate even a bit to let us know.

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