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6 Risk Factors for Heart Diseases that You Are Not Aware of

Aug 14, 2016 by Comfort Keepers

There are some widely recognized risk factors for coronary diseases, such as diabetes, family history, smoking, hypertension and higher levels of cholesterol. These are known as the "Big Five" with regards to characterizing the danger components for heart diseases. 

In any case, there are some other dangerous factors that are very little known to us, yet it doesn't imply that they are less perilous than the ones recorded in the big five. Here we will discuss about those lesser known risk factors with the goal of making ourselves as well as our friends and family mindful of them so that we remain on guard while approaching our declining years. Moreover, this post will also help us all while providing elder care to our loved seniors. 

Eating in a Rush

Whether you are having one of those take away bundles in a rush while heading to work or pushing down that sandwich before the meeting that you need to attend in five minutes; you are eating in a hurry. Eating in a surge expands the peril of creating heart diseases. It won't make much of a difference if you do that once in a while, in the event ofyou are truly in a rush. But if it ends up being an ordinarily repetitive thing with you then you have to be aware of it. When you are eating on the go you are not making use of a major opportunity of getting de-stressedthat is a psychological characteristic of eating peacefully sitting with your friends and family. Additionally, while eating like this, you will see that you are mostly having an uneven eating routine and undesirable sustenance more often than not. Along these lines, every one of these components identified with rush eating join to make up a potential risk factor for coronary sicknesses. 

Erectile Dysfunction (ED) 

This is relevant particularly to men. In the event that you had early sexual anomaly in your life then you likewise need to stress over the strength of your heart. As erectile dysfunctions happen because of deficient blood supply to the pelvic organs so it might likewise be due to an unnoticed coronary illness or some other vascular diseases. Be that as it may, the greater part of us don't know about the fact that ED can likewise be a potential danger element for coronary ailments. 


Astounded? Try not to be. Various reports demonstrate that there is a sharp increment in the rates of getting heart diseases for ladies after menopause. In any case, what causes this spike in coronary ailments in ladies after menopause is still obscure yet it is a certain sign that menopause can be seen as a potential danger component for heart maladies in ladies. The danger nearly pairs, if the component of hypertension is additionally in the scene with it, as right around fifty percent of American ladies grow hypertension while achieving their 60s. This is a tremendous number! Along these lines, there is no other option than to be health conscious from right this moment! 

Sleep Apnea 

Sleep apnea is such a phenomenon when the individual experiencing it encounters stops in breathing while they are sleeping. It is generally connected with a condition called atrial fibrillation (AF) that implies anomaly in heartbeats. Also, it has been proposed by different specialists that, if not treated timely people with AF will go ahead to building up a stroke or other coronary illnesses. Along these lines, sleep apnea is one of those mostly ignored danger elements for you to create heart illnesses. Be that as it may, sleep apnea is quite curable; and on the off chance that you have it you ought to consider getting evaluated and treated by your doctor as quickly as time permits. 

Abnormal Level of Triglycerides 

Elevated cholesterol level is recorded as one of the main five risk factors for heart ailments. But, while looking at the level of cholesterol, all the time we just focus on the level of LDL/HDL and for the most part have a tendency to overlook the level of triglycerides. More elevated amounts of triglycerides in our blood has been observed to be the explanation behind creating coronary illness and stroke much of the time. In this way, abnormal state of triglycerides is one of those lesser known danger variables for heart maladies. In any case, you can successfully control the level of triglycerides in your blood by diminishing the intake of sugars and expanding the consumption of omega 3s. 

Earlobe Creases 

It has been quite a while that earlobe wrinkles had been connected with expanded danger of creating heart ailments. Be that as it may, this issue was on the fringe of being a myth from a reality. However, with the improvement of therapeutic science there came different studies on the subject that at last could recognize an evident association of earlobe creases with increased risk of heart diseases. Despite the fact that there aren't any completely persuading and fully developed hypothesis to clarify why it happens so, however denying it by and large is no more a choice. In this way, in the event that you have earlobe wrinkles don't panic; just take proactive measures and roll out life improvements to keep the onset of any coronary ailments away. 

Never forget that it is never too tale to emphatically change your way of life. Thus, at whatever point you see any of the danger elements talked about above in yourself or any of your friends and family begin implementing vital preventive measures immediately! Counsel with an authority to comprehend what are the things that you need to do and the rules that you need to follow. Most importantly direct significant portion of your time, vitality and consideration on the prevention of heart ailments through essential life style changes and necessary actions.

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