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7 Things to Remember while Helping Seniors with Depression

Sep 11, 2016 by Comfort Keepers

Depression does not depend upon age. It can affect us in any age. More than 350 million individuals are battling against depression right now around the world. It can transform into a monstrous all-devouring illness for the one encountering it. 

However, depression in senior years can turn out to be considerably all the more troubling for our senior friends and family. As in the declining years staying glad and joyful has been connected to sound and prolonged life. In addition, dejection goes about as a dynamic connection to different other physical and mental issues like heart ailments, stroke, diabetes, suicide and some other mental and physical health conditions. So, we must know how to help seniors with depression.

As of now depression is slowly transforming into a noteworthy wellbeing issue in seniors. Furthermore, as bit by bit the baby boomers approach retirement the quantity of depressed seniors is likely to increase all the more quickly. 

Yet, what you need to remember is that depressed senior loved ones won't look for help themselves as they are already discouraged and likely disappointed as well. In this way, on the off chance that you are not very much aware and mindful you may never know the amount of torment they are experiencing and would never be able to help your senior loved ones with depression. 

Therefore, here we have specified 7 extremely valuable tips and recommendations from Comfort Keepers for you to follow in the event that you have a senior adored one who might be encountering depression. 


Seniors have the most noteworthy rate of conferring suicide in the nation. A large portion of such excruciating occurrences happen because of unnoticed instances of concealed gloom or depression in senior years. Every one of these instances of suicide could have been turned away with the proper knowledge of how to help seniors with depression. 

In this way, what you need to do is to focus. As your senior friends and family will resist receiving help or even more terrible is that won't enlighten you regarding the issue at all. In this way, watch out for the disposition and mentality of your senior loved ones. Furthermore, never take for granted any indications of dejection. 

Chat with Them with Patience 

Affirmations of agony alleviates the pain in the heart. Hence, let your senior cherished one realize that they are not alone in this.

Consistently attempt to take a family break with them and let the most ideal individual to ask whether all is well or if there anything that is bringing on any inconvenience to them emotionally or physically. Consequently, be constantly updated with the inward and external existence of your senior adored ones. It is of critical importance to hear them out and respect their feelings in order to help your depressed senior loved one.

Be on Guard for Subtle Implications

Our senior friends and family will never want to place you in any inconvenience by telling you their issues. In this way, as a general rule our Comfort Keepers have observed that they attempt to shroud whatever it is that is tormenting them. So, you need to keep an eye for any indications of depressive conduct or implication. 

Signs like lack of appetite, irritability, trouble in sitting still, wringing of hands and legs, restlessness etc. can be great examples of indications of depression. Along these lines, at whatever point, you see these signs in your senior loved ones look for expert emotional wellness support for them or contact Comfort Keepers to know more on how to help our loved seniors with depression. 

Converse with Them the Way They Understand 

Conversing with them like the boring and bleak phrasings from the psychology textbooks won't help by any stretch of the imagination. As a large portion of the seniors encountering depression will normally be hesitant to get any kind of outside help so it is imperative to converse with them in the way they will comprehend the significance of the circumstance.

Abstain from saying to them the words like depression, medications, treatment. Therapy etc. Rather attempt to discover any cue from their own words and keep managing them towards the arrangements in unimposing words. 

Recognize That It Is an Illness 

All the relatives around you ought to understand that depression is a sickness and simply like some other diseases it will force a few restrictions on the senior experiencing depression. Now and again depression can turn out to be severe to the point that the individual can barely figure out how to escape the bed.

Thus, never expect anything that might be excessively troublesome for your loved ones to do. Do not generally expect that they will have the capacity to be usual before talking appropriate treatment and healing measures. Continuously be mindful, caring and circumspect to them yet never be condescending. 

Actualize Interactive Caregiving Approach

It is critical that you keep our seniors as much free and independent as they can be. With the Interactive Caregiving approach we give uncommon thoughtfulness regarding senior exercises and freedom. We make them involved with their caregiving forms that way they stay autonomous for long time. In addition, our Comfort Keepers will dependably keep them physically and emotionally occupied with different social and communal events and practices that are empowering for the senior personalities. All these means a lot while helping a senior with depression.

Have Proper Medical Care

The significance of having appropriate physical and psychological health care can never be overlooked. Aside from having professional and expert in-home caregivers you ought to likewise give careful medical consideration to your cherished one's therapeutic needs.

At whatever point you confront any such issues like despondency or other mental issues don't make any deferral in reaching a specialist mental health expert. 

Without appropriate consideration and treatment depression can undoubtedly transform into something lamentable. What is the most tormenting part of it is that it demolishes life out of our moments of life. Along these lines, on the off chance that you have a senior adored one among you who might encounter depression or gloom don't delay to contact Comfort Keepers. We have expert caregivers for helping seniors with depression.

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