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Food Safety for Seniors

Oct 23, 2016 by Comfort Keepers

As we age our body experiences numerous progressions and begins to weaken as we reach our senior years. The changes take place both internally and externally. Our entire digestive framework likewise experiences a few changes. For these reasons, the significance of ensuring food safety for seniors and taking after a solid and healthy diet and other rules of wellbeing turn out to be progressively essential as we age.

Particularly the seniors over the age 65 must be treated with most extreme consideration as far as food safety for seniors is concerned. Seniors over the age of 65 are at much higher dangers of getting foodborne diseases than other age groups. In addition, seniors who are living in nursing homes are ten times more prone to get influenced by bacterial gastroenteritis than others. Therefore, knowing the food safety guidelines and strategies is an unquestionable requirement on the off chance that you are a senior or have one senior cherished one around you. 

Why Seniors Are More Prone to Get Affected by Foodborne Diseases? 

-> The gastrointestinal tract clutches foods longer than normal. Thus, there opens up the extent of bacterial development. 

-> Our Liver and kidney bit by bit turns out to be less effective in evacuating outside poisons and unsafe microscopic organisms out of our bodies. 

-> The creation of acids in the stomach gets to be lesser and slower. Appropriate measure of corrosive acids runs the digestive procedure easily and lessens the development of microorganisms. Along these lines, lesser measure of acid means the extension to bacterial development in the gastrointestinal tract. 

-> Other perpetual conditions like diabetes, cancer likewise expands the danger of getting foodborne sicknesses. 

Indications of Foodborne Diseases

Food borne ailments frequently termed as food poisoning comes with few regular signs and manifestations. The following are the accompanying symptoms of foodborne diseases:

-> Upset Stomach 

-> Diarrhea 

-> Vomiting 

-> Fever 

-> Abdominal Cramps 

-> Dehydration 

Be that as it may, these manifestations can quickly escalate to make create serious conditions including death. 

Tips for Maintaining Food Safety for Seniors

Our caregivers from Comfort Keepers are very experienced in food safety issues and have appropriate comprehension of the procedures. Thus, here we have drawn out a few tips from them for keeping up food safety in senior years.


-> The adolescence guideline of washing your hands applies the same all through our lives. Cleanliness is essential to well-being at each and every level. We as a whole have to realize that. In this way, keep everything from your hands to your kitchen utensils and everything related with sustenance clean and sanitised. 

-> Clean your cooking utensils and ledges with boiling hot water and cleanser before and after you cook every last thing. Occasionally utilize kitchen sanitizers. 

Nourishment Management

-> Always isolate crude items like raw meat and vegetables from prepared to eat food items while carrying and putting away. 

-> Always chill crude meat, poultry, cooked spare foods and prepared to eat food items in not more than 2 hours. 


-> Always cook foods up to the right temperature. Cook crude meat and poultry appropriately. 

-> If you depend on delivered meals then take the service from an exceptionally trusted source and attempt to be extra mindful about the storage and handling.

Take after a Healthy Diet 

-> Food wellbeing and following a solid eating routine go as one! With age taking after a sound and healthy diet is essential. What's more, custom eating routine focused on prosperity is of vital significance. 

So, with these simple to digest tips from Comfort Keepers you will be able to ensure food safety for seniors and guard your digestive framework to keep them healthy and strong. For any assistance and care for guaranteeing your adored one's health and prosperity contact Comfort Keepers immediately!

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