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Learning to Ask for Caregiving Help

Nov 6, 2016 by Comfort Keepers

We strive to be self-independent and strong throughout our lives. We never like to be dependent on anybody else for anything. In every walk of life we try to follow the dictum – “to give is better than to receive”.

But we should never forget that in life time comes when even the most grounded must recognize, encourage and figure out how to ask for help. We should likewise figure out how to request for authentic help in times of trouble and need. Be that as it may, no one has ever shown us how to ask for help or assistance. Nor requesting help was ever encouraged. 

Hence when we achieve our senior years and we become frail to go ahead with our everyday activities and face numerous challenges while living our lives then we don't find it easy to acknowledge help or recognize that we require assistance. We may imagine that asking for help in senior years will make us reliant and feeble. 

This state of mind is thoroughly faulty. Figuring out how to recognize that we require help is one of the essentials that we should encourage and culture inside us. Essentially the human survival wouldn't just be conceivable without the help we do to each other within family, society, institution or just as companions. 

Along these lines, as a matter of first importance understand that helping each other is crucial to human survival. Requesting for help that is genuine and significant will no way debilitate you nor make you reliant and powerless. Rather it fortifies the humane bond among people. 


Recognize and make a rundown of the considerable number of things that you may require help with in senior years. No one can do everything alone. It is characteristic to have wellbeing conditions that may oblige you to look for assistance. So, be open about it. On the off chance that you require help then there are individuals who needs to help; and would be happy to help you. In this way, recognize and pinpoint the things you require help with. 


Talk about it with your loved ones. Conceptualize to discover the probable arrangements that would satisfy your need. Think out of the box to discover answers for your issues. 

Scan for Sources 

Scan for accessible wellsprings of help and connect with them. You may consider connecting with young girls scout or teenagers who need volunteer hours for the school. On the off chance that you require something repaired or worked in your home, however don't have the assets, contact the nearby developers' affiliation and inquire whether there are any community outreach program. 

Tell Your Neighbors 

Tell your neighbors about your problems. Ask them for suggestions and help. Approach them for their heartfelt assistance. They may easily come to you when they are heading off to the general store and see if you require something that they can bring for you. On the off chance that one is decidedly going there for shopping then bringing something along for you won't create any mischief. In any case, don’t forget to keep the money or check prepared. 

Be particular 

We humans are naturally kind and helpful. That’s why we are social beings. Many of us simply love to help other people. We know the benefit of helping each other. Along these lines, be particular and specifically ask for the help you need. One of your neighbors, if made mindful of your need of help, may simply drop by to help you with a few errands while they are strolling their puppy around the bend. In this way, have particular thoughts regarding the things you may require so that when the help arrives you may complete it rapidly. Like changing the light bulb or bringing a few bananas could easily be done. 

Express profound gratitude 

We all know the importance of saying thanks, right? Always remember to express your thankfulness to the aide. 

Be thankful for being encompassed by such a large number of extraordinary individuals. Be appreciative for yourself that you are one of them.

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