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Depression Leads to Dementia. What Can We Do?

Dec 18, 2016 by Comfort Keepers

Depression and anxiety - the life sucking mental trap - can make your everyday life unbearable. It might even turn out to be so severe that one wouldn't like to live anymore and want to commit suicide. What has been added to the danger list is that numerous research and studies propose depression be it early life or late-life increases the danger of developing dementia in senior years significantly. 

A Review of the Studies 

After analyzing 23 separate reviews, one group of researchers have found out that depression builds up the chances of getting dementia in later years to a large extent. This research discovered the connection between depression to all types of dementia. In any case, the hazard was all the more conspicuously higher for Alzheimer's and vascular dementia. 

Another research study focusing ondepressive propensities and the conceivable dementia advancement followed up 1764 seniors for a long time and have discovered that there is astounding measure of connectivity between late life depression and dementia. 

Yet another examination directed a far reaching audit of 16 studies concentrated on late life depression and five reviews on early life depression only to discover that both the conditions have two to four times more probability of creating dementia in the declining years. 

What's behind the Link? 

Frankly speaking, the specialists don't have any clear response to this connection of depression to dementia. In any case, what they can give is that as depression is associated with mind changes so it makes the brain more susceptible to bring about the harm in the cerebrum cells found if there should be an occurrence of dementia. 

What Can We Do? 

For now, this is the most pragmatic question to ask as our and our friends and family's prosperity is concerned. What would we be able to do to fight away the depressive propensities found in us or in our friends and family? 

•    Most importantly we need to recognize that medicine truly works if there should arise an occurrence of depression, anxiety and other such dysfunctional behaviors. Moreover, there are exceptionally compelling treatments that are proven to get individuals out of the depressive mental closet. In this way, at whatever point you see depressive propensities in yourself and in your friends and family contact a specialist at the earliest opportunity. 

•    Aside from medicine and treatments, there are some other natural ways that you can adopt keeping in mind the end goal to manage the depressive propensities. 

•    Lead a dynamic life and urge your friends and family to do likewise. Do consistent physical activities, take part in social and communal events, do some volunteering for a noble purpose and get yourself engaged in imaginative or creative exercises. 

•    Try practicing meditation. Contemplation can help a great deal if there should arise an occurrence of depression. Meditation can take you towards a splendid and serene inner mental environment. 

•    Discover things and activities that make you upbeat. It can be anything - wearing new and pleasant dresses, heading off to the forested areas, singing tunes or listening to them, setting off to your most loved area around the locality or some other seemingly insignificant details that may improve your feelings. 

•    Another essential thing to keep in mind is that while a man is experiencing dejection he or she may not know about it or may not be forthcoming in expressing their circumstance. Thus, it is up to us to keep an eye and perceive the manifestations of sadness in the people around us. 

•    At whatever point you see any such depressive side effects in your friends and family begin conversing with them with care and make them understand that it is a sickness for which they are pitiful. It's not natural sorrow and it is particularly treatable with medicine and different practices.

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