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Newest Wearable Technology is Geared Towards Seniors

Mar 9, 2017 by Anonymous

Wearables are popular among the younger generations, and one of the hottest new trends in technology. Lately, there has been a rise in the amount of wearables created specifically for seniors. Although some seniors may be reluctant to try out the newest tech trend that wearables represent, many seniors already sport the original wearable that was created, Life Alert.

You should not force your loved ones to wear new technology, especially if they feel uncomfortable about technology. But you can explain to them the benefits of these new devices and how it can help make their daily activities easier.

  • Voice Activated: Most wearables created for seniors do not have any buttons and are programmed to be voice activated.
  • No Smart Phone Required: A lot of the wearables designed for seniors do not require a smart phone connection for them to operate. Most of them have apps available for family members who want to be alerted of important information regarding their loved ones.
  • Medication Reminder: The majority of these wearables have some type of medication reminder feature. You can go into the program and set up certain times for your loved one to be reminded, plus it can read off directions if asked by the wearer.
  • Tracking: If your loved one is notorious for wandering, buying a wearable that has tracking availabilities is essential. You can set up radiuses and alerts to your phone to let you know when your loved ones leave the perimeter that you set up. Plus, most of the tracking can pinpoint your loved one within a one block radius.

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