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Preparing Your Loved Ones for an Earthquake

Apr 7, 2017 by Comfort Keepers

Earthquakes are a common occurrence in California, and while seniors may have been through many earthquakes before in the past, no earthquake is the same. Before the next earthquake hits the Richter scale, it is important to prepare your aging loved ones with essentials to get them through all the shaking and rattling.

There are only so many measures you can take to ensure the safety of your aging loved ones from natural disasters like earthquakes. If they follow simple steps before, during, and after an earthquake, they can potentially reduce their risk of a serious accident.


  • Put together an emergency kit for your loved one. It should include items like flashlights, batteries, a whistle, extra pair of eyeglasses, contact information, cash, water, protein bars, and necessary medication.
  • Check all items that could potentially be hazardous or fall over. It is also important to check cracks that are in ceilings or defected electrical, in the event of an earthquake these things could make matters worse.
  • Add security lights in every room. Security lights come on if the power goes out.
  • Invest in a medical alert system for your loved one. If they fall or get into an accident during an earthquake they can easily call for help.


  • Your loved one should go to the designated safe place that is away from windows, doors, and furniture that could topple over.
  • Make sure they know ahead of time to sit on the floor or in a low sitting chair. They should also cover their head and stay in the same place till the shaking stops.
  • If trapped or surrounded by dust, your loved one should cover their mouth with their hand or handkerchief to prevent breathing in debris.


  • They should not assume it is over, as most earthquakes have an aftershock.
  • They should stay in tuned to what is happening either with a TV or radio.
  • If evacuation is necessary, they should alert their family members where they are being evacuated to.

Earthquake Assistance in Cupertino

At Comfort Keepers® we understand that you can’t be with your aging loved ones at all times, that’s why we are here to help. Our compassionate in-home caregivers can provide around the clock care to ensure that your loved ones are safe in the event of an earthquake—and every other day of the year.

For more information regarding our in home senior care services and how our caregivers can help your aging loved ones live a safe and independent life, call us at (408) 610-3794 or click here

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